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- Immersive installation with figures and objects (parcour)

Premiere: 18. August 2020 am Figurentheater Schaubude

"Come to my palace of memories. I invite you to leave marks on my skin, in my flower pots, inside me." In "#mysharedspace" the audience is invited to explore an apartment as a guest. The resident is absent. The memory space, the intimate, private …

"#mysharedspace is the theatrical embodiment of hitchhiking and couchsurfing, of the first meeting after an online date, of the day after the rave, of the twosomeness or more with just strangers, but who quickly become familiar because they merge with one's own fantasies, lusts, and fears. #mysharedspace is not watching a box, not observing from a safe distance. It is more of a diving into a space, an exploration and palpation, a universe of encounters that expands and contracts as if this space were an organism, an animal perhaps, whose language one tries to learn during the approximately 45-minute course."

fidena.de, Tom Mustroph, August 2020

'sensual journey'

'surreal dream space'

'fantastic' rbb culture, Barbara Behrendt (19.08.2020)"
Director/Performer: Christina Schelhas Idea/Stage/Puppets/Performer: Larissa Jenne Performer/Coding: Emilia Giertler Performer/Stage: Salomé Klein Video/Sound: Alexander Hector

Funded by: Berlin Senate and Pankow District Office, in cooperation with Schaubude Berlin.