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The Myth Begins! A Sister Project
2021 / 2022

Devised Theatre by SchelhasCoOperation (Elisabeth, Theresa, and Christina Schelhas)

Can a goddess be disabled? Can I become a hero even though I DON'T have Down syndrome? And if my sister saves the world, does she have to look sexy doing it? SchelhasCoOperation tackles the really tough questions. The three sisters are not content with ready-made answers, so they embark on their own hero's journey, not as muscle-bound individuals but as a community, with intuition and humor. On their circular stage, they bring to life creatures that no one has ever seen before—or have they? Here, monsters lurk between standardized body and family images, and evil oracles cause trouble, and the worst fate is to be erased from history. Just don't lose the thread! But luckily, the sisters always sail close to the wind of utopia. They know that whoever writes the myths explains the world. And whoever explains the world creates it in the first place.

by and with: Elisabeth, Christina, and Theresa Schelhas,

Texts and performance of the goddesses: Meine Damen und Herren (Josefine Großkinsky, Friederike Jaglitz, Paula Karolina Stolze)

Sign language interpretation and performance: Cindy Klink Stage
Costume and Stage design: Larissa Jenne
Video: Norman Grotegut
Project management: Katharina Landsberg
Dramaturgical advice: Doris Anselm
Light Design: Florian Hoffmann
Heroines' theme song: Christian Röse
Sound support: Tobias Gubesch
Photos: Thilo Beu